What is HAMPCAS?

HAMPCAS, the Healthcare Administration, Management & Policy Centralized Application Service, is the first national Centralized Application Service (CAS) designed for students applying to graduate programs in health administration, healthcare management and health policy.  The service enables applicants to apply to multiple colleges and schools through a single web-based application.

How to Use HAMPCAS

Although AUPHA recommends that programs adopt HAMPCAS as their sole application system, it is not a requirement. By collecting applications through HAMPCAS, all data is stored in one place, allowing programs the ability to take full advantage of the data/exporting capabilities and streamlined application process the service offers. However, each program is unique, and is encouraged to utilize the service in a way that best aligns with their needs and goals. 

How to Join

Complete and return the first page of the 2015 HAMPCAS Application for New Programs to AUPHA via email to or fax at 703.894.0941. The agreement is non-binding and simply indicates to AUPHA that your program would like to participate. Once AUPHA receives a complete application, the program may begin accepting applications in as few as 5-10 days.


Contact Matthew Stern via email at

Applicant Benefits

  • » Significant time and cost decrease when applying to multiple programs
  • » Attractive online application process, facilitating student exposure to a variety of schools
  • » Real time status updates, mobile alerts, mobile access, and coursework entry   

Admissions Benefits

    • » Web-based module with configurable analytical tools to score and rank applicants, facilitate faculty review processes, and manage reporting
    • » CRM tools facilitate contact with prospective students as soon as an application is created
    • » Dedicated operations team to receive mail, manage application elements, and integrate official test scores into electronic applications

Program Benefits

  • » Rich database and evaluation tools enable comparative, on-demand data   
  • » Enhanced recruitment capabilities with platform for program promotion to a national spectrum of prospective students
  • » Technical assistance, training, and one-on-one support throughout the implementation of HAMPCAS