Introduction to WebAdMIT

WebAdMIT is a web-based admissions management platform that provides real-time access to your applicants' data and documents to facilitate the management of your unique admissions process. Each admissions office can tailor the software to meet their needs by setting application statuses, calculating customized GPAs, scoring applications using your program's rubric, and issuing communications to one, a group of, or all applicants. The web-based architecture means that there is no software to install and your team can access applicants at any time, anywhere over a secure internet connection. You can also grant access to any staff or faculty that you wish, keeping control of each user's rights and roles for system administration and/or assigning reviewers.  

All participating HAMPCAS programs have access to WebAdMIT Customer Support for group or individual training sessions, WebAdMIT training recordings, and instructional videos so that you may learn to utilize all the tools available within the system to manage your process in a way that best meets your program's goals. 

Upcoming Training Sessions

All upcoming group training sessions are listed in the training calendar. To schedule a personalized training session for you and your program, please contact HAMPCAS directly via email or phone at (703) 894-0940 x124.

WebAdMIT Contact Information

The WebAdMIT Support Team is available Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm EST to address your questions and system training needs.  

Telephone: 716-636-7777, Option 7